Think Happy Thoughts

People have noticed that when I talk about summer camp or high school (I was in the high school band and played trumpet) that I light up in a way they have rarely seen. When going through life as a survivor it is so important for me to cherish these positive memories and I am so beyond grateful that I felt safe and valued in these places. It’s my reminder that I’m not worthless as I was taught by my mother. I was able to form deep friendships. Even if we have all changed after many years, I am thankful that we are in touch and that the memories of times together bring me back to those safe places and happy times no matter how long ago they took place. These positive memories remind me that I was connected to people, an important ingredient when dealing with mental health issues.

I think we all need our “happy place” to go to when we need to, whether literally or in our minds. For me, it’s a time when it’s healthy to think of the past as opposed to dwelling in the past and over thinking all my mistakes and failures (which comes way too easily).

I wish for you to find your happy place, your safe place, whether you are a survivor of abuse or not.

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